We design and develop websites


Redefine the world of complexity by cutting it down to the essence of what matters. Keep it simple and keep it clean. You can't tell everything at once. A good balance between complexity and simplicity is what we aim for.


Always start with your content. What do you want to show your visitors? Based on this content we structure the website and create an interface. Not the other way around!
Content is king. Content driven interface design is our Queen.


Drive your visitors into action. This will lead to conversion, contact, knowledge or adoration.
Cool interactions in a website can lead to this. Get to know your audience and trigger them with some distinctive Call To Actions.


Good webdesign starts with a strong Corporate Identity that is used to create a solid User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). We prefer more visuals rather than text. Photos, videos, graphics and animations bring the design to life.


The perfect website has to get to the public. We can advise you to built a strong campaign to, for example, bring visitors to your website. Brand awareness is important. There are plenty of online possibilities to make your audience aware of your brand.


The front-end and back-end of our websites are built from scratch. We use modern solid code that looks pixel perfect and runs smooth in every browser. We prefer to use world's biggest Open Source CMS. We customize this CMS to fully fit our customer's needs.

Building since 2010

A decade ago Studio Zeven started because of the love for designing and building websites. Studio Zeven is a webdesign company based in Maastricht, The Netherlands founded by me (Lars Reiters).

I make use of a strong variety of creative professionals like developers, strategists, photographers, videographers, copywriters, translators, animators etc. For every project we form the right team to get the job done.

Also I really like to fullfill my part as a developer or designer in projects lead by well respected partners of strategy and communication bureaus or design bureaus. If the team fits, we can make fireworks together!

Our office is located in the beautiful old building on the outskirts of Maastricht called Withuishof. If you are interested to drink some coffee with us, we would love to hear from you!

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